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Meet Marilyn Ramplin - A trailblazer on the trading floor

As one of the first “skirts” on the trading floor in London in the 1990s, Marilyn Ramplin had her work cut out for her. The odds weren’t stacked in favour of young, gentle, shy and poor black South African girls who wanted to break through the glass ceiling in the halls of power.

But she beat the other investment professionals at “their” game and grew to become an astute, respected businesswoman at ease among her peers worldwide.

“I grew up during apartheid, so I was used to having to push the envelope and fighting racism, so fighting against some sexist remarks didn’t really phase me. I knew the answer was to be the most competent. I also had a great time, where I made some real friends,” Ramplin explains from her Novia One offices in Parkmore, Johannesburg.


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