• Toni Muir

Standard Bank’s new African Regions boss, Sola David-Borha

“When I first started my career, I used to hate cocktail parties,” says Sola David-Borha, Standard Bank’s CEO for Africa Regions, basically its business outside South Africa. “Then one day I realised, this isn’t a nice-to-do, it’s a must-do, it’s work. Once I changed my thinking, I loved cocktail parties, because they’re quite efficient. You can meet many people in a short space of time.”

An award-winning business woman and long-serving stalwart of the financial services industry in West Africa, Sola is a powerful personality who talks with a self-assured calmness and focused passion about her work and clearly enjoys her chosen field. Her anecdote about cocktail parties serves to illustrate something bigger.

“Once you change your mind set about something, for example, about your ability to take on a new challenge or move to another country, it changes the way you look at it. What might have seemed difficult to do, becomes quite simple. Changing your perspective on things is very important.”



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