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Rose Heathcote appointed CEO of LIA

Rose Heathcote has been appointed CEO of the Lean Institute Africa (LIA), the first woman to hold this position and only the second woman CEO in the 27-member Lean Global Network (LGN).

LIA was established at the Graduate School of Business, UCT, in 2007 and was admitted to the LGN soon after.

Its declared purpose is ‘the sustainable development of society’ with a vision to ‘Contributing to better organisational outcomes and quality of life by advancing Lean Thinking and Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa’.

“Rose Heathcote is extraordinarily suited to the appointment, and very committed to the vision and purpose of LIA,” says LIA Chairman, Professor Norman Faull.

“An industrial engineer by training, she has filled a number of roles whilst accumulating the skill and experience to take over from Dr Anton Grütter as CEO and successfully lead LIA into the next frontier. It is likely that her participation at the Lean Transformation Summit in the USA later this month, will be a productive and inspiring time, for all involved.”


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