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A great CFO has a strong backbone, says Bombela CFO Chantelle Loots

A 2016 SAICA Top 35-under-35 finalist, Chantelle Loots, CFO of Bombela Concession Company, says she feels fortunate to be a part of a young group of "fantastic CAs" in South Africa who are leading the way to the future.

You were selected for the 2016 SAICA Top 35-under-35. Tell us about this. “That was a great experience – one that’s helped me to enhance my professional network. The selection criteria was based on education, work experience, what you’ve achieved in your company, as well as what you do in the social environment. They were looking for people who possessed different skill sets. Going through this process has made me more confident and through it I’ve come to realise that there are some amazing people out there doing amazing things. Being surrounded by so many great people was humbling. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”



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