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CPUT researcher awarded first SARChl Research Chair

Prof Tandi Matsha of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology has been awarded the NRF's SARChI Research Chair in Cardiometabolic Health. The founder and lead researcher of CPUT’s Cardiometabolic Health, she is the first recipient of a SARChI Research Chair in the Health and Wellness Sciences Faculty.

Matsha said she felt privileged to have been recognised. Her current research focuses on diabetes and cardiovascular risk in the coloured community of Bellville South and she said this was being expanded to include other population groups.

Matsha said the highlight of her career was when she was awarded a R8.3 million research grant in 2013 from the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Flagship Project followed by a grant of more than R6 million in 2016 from the MRC’s Strategic Initiatives.

“This was important as it allowed our unit to be able to do the research we’re doing.”

The Acting Dean of the Faculty and Health and Wellness Sciences, Prof Penelope Engel-Hills, said Prof Matsha had worked tirelessly over a number of years to develop a research unit.

“The research area aligns with the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goal Number 3: Good Health and Well-being. Through this award, Prof Matsha and her team have been acknowledged for their potential to make a significant contribution to the production of new knowledge in a field that is of great importance to the well-being of individuals and that will impact on the public health agenda internationally.”

She said Matsha had created a research environment where postgraduate students from a number of disciplines could be successful.

“We look forward to a growing number of masters and doctoral students and post-docs being exposed to good research practice in her research unit,” said Engel-Hills.

Over the past five years, the Cardiometabolic Research unit has maintained a publication average of 10.5 per year, and the faculty anticipates that the award offers the opportunity to maintain and escalate this average, as the number of publications and scholarly research outputs will increase.

Source: Cape Peninsula University of Technology

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